June 10th, at Toledo, PKA Points Race


This week we were back at the fast 1/4 mile Toledo Speedway. It was the first PKA points event and the first event with the Burris Tire rule. Now, this is the first time we have EVER run Burris tires and we had changed the kart from the last time, so we were a little off on set-up most of the day. We had 12 karts in our class, so they split us into two groups of 6 for the heat races. I had a poor pill draw so I started last in the first heat. We finished 5th no thanks to an ill-handling kart that I couldn't get around. The 2nd heat we got to start on the pole though. I was sitting 4th on the final lap when the ill-handling kart from the first heat decided he wanted to plough into and ontop me. By the time I got him off of me, I had lost so much speed that we ended up 6th. He ended up bending the left rear rim, broke the plexi-glass on the body, and bent the body a little too. Nothing that wasn't fixable though. So by virtue of our heat finishes we started 10th in the feature. The feature was fun though because we had the kart handling great and it was fast. Once everything was all sorted out, I wound up finishing 7th. I was happy with the feature race though because the kart was really dialed in. Our finishing position doesn't reflect on how good the kart really was and the ground we were making up. We'll be ready for them next week, that's for sure.

Stock Heavy:
1. Isaiah Bross
2. Jared Kimple
3. J.R. Kimple
4. Jeff Longbrake
5. Mike Overmier
6. John Peck
7. Chad Atkinson
8. Cory Smith
9. Jason Steinhurst
10. Rich Lantz
11. Tom Burghardt
12. Sam Longanbach (DNS)

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