July 14th, WKA Ohio Speedway Pavement Divisional Series at Toledo


This week-end we raced with the Ohio Speedway Pavement Divisional Series at Toledo Speedway. We got some new equipment since the last time we raced, two weeks ago, and this would be the first time it was on the track. With the help of Seth and Stan we got in the ball-park with the set-up during our practice sessions. We made a few more changes for qualifying and it really helped the handling of the kart. We ended up starting 8th out of 11 for the feature. We also added a little gear for the feature because the RPM were low in qualifying. It was just a guess, and we'd have to see if it was too much. At the start of the feature the kart felt really good. I was involved in some really close and exciting racing for the first part of the race. We were oftentimes 3 wide, and I think even 4 wide once. In the middle of the 20 lap feature I was able to break free of the battle and try to catch the next kart for another position. With about 6 laps to go, the kart started to get a little loose though. This allowed the karts I raced with before to catch up, and we were locked in battle again. When one kart made a move on the outside of me, I noticed my over-limit light was going off on my helmet. I checked the gauges quick and saw an error reading on my one display. This particular display toggles between two readings, the RPM and the head temp. I didn't know which reading was giving the error, so I tried to toggle between the two. Unfortunately, it wouldn't toggle and my limit light was still going off, so I just guessed the head temperature was high. I adjusted the carb to cool off the engine, but it didn't help. By this time, the karts I was battling with had pulled away a little, and there were about 2 laps to go. I decided to forget about the tach and try to catch them. I wasn't able to though, and we ended up 10th I believe. Seth finished right ahead of us involved in a great battle. We're not sure if he finished 8th or 9th. Once I got back to the pits, we found out we did have too much gear and it was my RPM causing the overlimit light to flash. The error that I was getting happened because the head temperature sensor had become disconnected from the display unit. With all the things that happened in the feature it was still a fun time, and we learned a lot. Like Seth said afterward, "We weren't fast, but we sure had fun." Which was very true, since we were both involved in battles most of the race. I have to give huge thanks to Seth and Stan for helping us out again, and also Doug Jenkins for giving us some pointers as well. Also, thanks to Pam Hatfield and her family for coming out and giving us some moral support in the stands.
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