July 18th, FRP Points Race #8


Well, I hope everyone that went to the demolition derby at the Ottawa County fair had fun because you sure missed a great demolition derby and "fireworks" at our races in Fremont. The night started off innocent enough...ran 2 hot laps sessions, got the kart where we wanted for the heats. For the first heat, we started 2nd, out of 5, and took the lead out of the 2nd turn and ended up winning it. Rex was 2nd. The second heat we started 4th, and had a good CLEAN battle with Seth until I got around him with about 3 laps to go. We finished 2nd and Rex won it. So, but virtue of my pill draw, I started on the pole. After some waved-off starts, the feature finally got started. I jumped out to the lead, and pushed it as hard as I could. Just past half-way, I made a mistake coming out of the 2nd turn which caused Rex to really close in. The next lap, I came up on a lapped kart. I was being careful when I went by him, and then I felt a huge smack in the back. I knew old Rex was back there then. The following lap, going into 1, I felt his front bumper careen off my rear 3 times! With about 4 go to, some how, I don't remember exactly, he got on the inside of me going into 1. I gave him plenty of room, and I battled back on the outside. I gave him plenty of room through 3 and 4, and he slammed into me trying to move me up the track. I was able to gather it up and get back to the inside going into 1. I don't know if he turned down early then our what, but some how my right rear got in the air. The kart settled back down and I got through the turn, but he was able to get on the inside again. Once again I gave him room going into the 3rd turn, but this time he took me all the way to the top of track coming off of 4. I was able to gather it up again as we came down for the white flag. Our B&B engine kept me close on his tail down the front stretch, and I made 2 great turns through 1 and 2. I came off underneath him, and ran up beside him down the backstretch. Going into 3 he chopped down and me. I went to the grass to try and avoid, but decided what for? I kept my line and we hit. I kept my foot in it trying to complete the turn, and I look up I see Rex's kart pretty much side-ways in front of me and still turning left to try and block. I still had a pretty good head of steam and we came together. As we came to the checkers, he continued to steer the kart left riding me down the front stretch and almost into the flagman. The whole time I was trying to steer right to keep him up, but that didn't work. So, he goes on celebrating and stuff, and I'm pissed and go after him. He pulls into the cool down lane really deep, so he's actually in the pits. Someone had run down, so I wouldn't get up to him because I was coming in really hot. I stopped the kart BEFORE we actually entered the pits though. By this time, many people were around, and a lot of them were kids, so I decided it wouldn't be the best to do anything. I should have went over and just threw him out of his kart, but hind-sight is 20/20. Still being pissed though, I asked Jay if we were going to scale considering they weren't out. Rex and his crew were deeply offended that we even requested this, but if you recall earlier in the year they were light at a BKC show and weren't thrown out. Everyone was legal on weight, but we were still rip-snortin' mad. Oh by the way, Seth finished 3rd in the Feature. Anyway, I felt that I should talk to Jay about the whole situation, and he knew I was lookin' for him. He hid from me until all the races were done. When I finally talked to him, I gave him my beef on the crappy display of driving witnessed in the feature. I wasn't that calm though. I asked him what he was gonna do because numerous people almost hurt tonight including his dad, the flagman. He said they would use the black flag next time. I didn't believe and told him, and he just came back with the same thing. He "seemed" to take it all in, but then went over to Rex's trailer to address the situation. Jay then came back with the answer, "You do your part on the track, we'll do ours." I asked him what that was supposed to mean, and he repeated the same thing. So, the way I see it, nothing will be done again. Which means, at this point in time we are NOT planning on running the BKC show next Saturday in Circleville, and I don't know if we'll go back to Fremont this year. It's just too risky to go Circleville and get things tore up and have nothing done about it, and then go to a much HIGHER QUALITY WKA show the next day. All I know right now, is I have a brand new body that is all tore up, and I don't know if anything is wrong with the chassis or not. If you guys couldn't tell, I'm still pretty stoked about this whole thing. I didn't sleep to well last night because of it either. I did come up with some interesting things though. We've raced at Fremont for 3 years now and here at the major incidents: Seth and Rex-pretty much all year long Dale and Rex-Dale ends up flipping, breaking wrist 4 places Ivy and Rex-one race day, they got together, Ivy not happy Me and Rex-once last year, now once this year So, the common denominator seems to be......Rex. And the way I see it, he has 2 strikes against him with me. If anything happens again and nothing is done about, he WILL be on his head. Another thing I find interesting is that Rex's mom is his biggest propponent, he is always in the right. Well, I guarren-damn-tee that if she had position to make a pass, or she was "in his way" she'd be wrecked too.
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