July 21st, Barberton Regular Show


Well, yesterday we went to race at Barberton, so we could get some track time before the WKA Divisional show there next week. It was definitely a hot one, but it was a fun one as well. This year, Barberton has only one weight class for the ovals, 360 lbs. So, we had to add about 25 lbs to the kart. Which made a little more work lifting the kart on and off the stand. There were 8 karts that showed up in our class. For the first heat we started 5th and our good friend Seth Schneider started beside us, 6th. With 8 karts, the start was a little hairy, but everyone made it through fine. Out of the 2nd turn, I found myself on the outside thinking I would be freight-trained, but the pack pretty much stayed together. On the second lap, Seth went by on the inside going into 1. I decided that looked good too, so I went from hi to low and came off under the karts in front of us. Seth got passed them and went to hunt down the leaders, but I battled with the #8 kart for a little while. I got passed him with about 4 laps to go in the race, and I had no chance of catching the 4 kart lead draft. So we ended up 5th. For the 2nd heat race, we started 4th. The winner of the 1st heat race, Dave Mumaw, started ahead of us, and he was fast. Off the start, I gave him a little bump down the straight-away, and we both went around the other karts on the outside. He took the lead out of 2, and I was a close 2nd. I didn't see many other karts after that, although I know they were there. Mumaw won the heat by about 6 kart lengths. Seth had some problems in that heat though, losing a right front in the middle of turns 1 and 2. He almost hit the wall, but got it under control with a great display of driving. So, with a 5th and 2nd in the heats I started 3rd for the feature. Seth started 7th because of the problems in the 2nd heat. Again, we started behind Mumaw, and I followed him the best I could. The next thing I knew, I was engaged in a 3 kart battle for the lead. Dave, me, and I believe Bobby Gindlesperger raced back and forth for a good 8 laps of the 15 lap feature. My down-fall came when we went through 3 and 4 3-wide! Pretty much unheard of, but we all made it through clean. The problem was, I was on the bottom which caused the kart to bog a lot, and the other two were able to pull away off the turn. It also allowed Seth to pull up alongside. We battled for another couple laps. He'd go hi, I'd go low. He'd go low, I go hi as we swapped position back and forth. It was during that the kart started to push. Seth got a run going into 1 and then Shawn Middaugh followed him by. With the push, I had to start driving the kart a little different, and I wasn't able to catch up to them again in the remaining laps. So, we ended up 5th in the feature. I believe Gindlesperger won it, Mumaw was 2nd, and Seth was 3rd. It was a great and fun race though, and we learned a lot. I can't say enough about the guys that race down there either. We were engaged in close, hard battles all day, and I only have a wisp of tire marks on the body. A night and day difference from Thursday night. Barberton racers are REAL, QUALITY racers, and class acts on and off the track. Well, next Sunday, we'll be racing at Barberton again with the WKA. It should be fun, since we'll be able to use Dunlops again, and been in the medium weight class. I think we'll do pretty well, but we'll just have to see what happens.
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