June 22nd, BKC Make-up at Columbiana


This was the make-up race for the one that was rained out earlier in the year. We had two karts show up for our class which were of course Rex and I. We got to the track at about 7:30am, but didn't run our first heat until about 2pm because of an ambulance run early on. Don't worry, the driver didn't break any bones or anything. So, we finally run our first heat. The kart started of loose, but with about 2 laps to go it came in, and I was able to pass Rex for the win. In the second heat, at least 2 hours later, the kart pushed early, but loosened up, and I was able to pick up the heat win again. By the time the feature rolled around, it was about 6pm and the one end of the track was shaded. Rex took an early lead, and I was able to hang with him until about 8 to go when the kart picked up a huge push in the shaded turns. Rex weighed light when he came across the scales, but they were giving a 5lb variance to everyone since supposedly the scales were weighing light. We weren't happy, and on the way back to hotel decided we weren't going to participate in the BKC next year.
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