June 23rd, BKC at Columbiana


We returned to the track at 7:30am again for our second day of racing at Columbiana. There were actually 4 karts in the medium class though on Sunday. We started on the pole for the first heat race and led for 8 laps when the kart started to get loose. I got passed, but luckily the caution came out for a spin behind us. With the caution, the line-up goes back to the previous lap, so I retained the lead. It also let the tires cool down a little, and I was able to pull away the last two laps. The second heat we started 4th and was up to second when the kart picked up a little push again. I dropped to third and couldn't quite get the position back. So, with a 1st and 3rd in the heats we started 2nd in the feature. Again, it was about 6pm, so we made adjustments considering what happened the day before. On the first start, two karts got together so we had to restart. On the restart, being on the outside, I ended up on the marbles and was sent off the track into the grass. So, we lined-up single file and got the race started. The kart was good for the first 6 or 7 laps, but then got really loose in the shaded turns which was just like throwing an anchor out. The complete opposite of the day before. So we ended up 4th in feature, with Rex winning. We didn't look at his weight, and there wasn't much of a tech either. We were too frustrated anyway because we knew we could go much faster, and the track beat us again. But now I guess we know the two extremes, IF we ever go back there. There were some good things that happened though. We didn't break anything for the first time this year. Also, we have commend the driver of the #53 kart. We believe her name was Lauren, and she drove an awesome feature race and was right there for the win. Also, we have to give credit to Rex for making a clean, good pass for the win on the last lap.
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