August 25th, Toledo Points Race #6


After a week off, we decided to go back up to Toledo to try our luck at one of their regular shows. I know I didn't put it on the website, but it was kind of a spur of the moment decision. In fact, we had to buy one tire at the track to be able to race since I'm still waiting (4 weeks now) for our set from the greatest tire company in the world....Burris....yeah whatever. Anyway, we ran the lights in Toledo since they don't offer a medium class, and we didn't want to slap 25 lbs of lead onto the kart. There were 12 that sign-in to the class, so they split they split the heats into groups of 6. During hot laps we were trying to get the gearing right and also fighting a loose condition in the center of the turn. We made some adjustments and in the first heat we started 6th. Early in the heat, the right side tires didn't seem to grip at all. Then, I had problems getting past the 5th place kart, but I did by the time the heat was almost over. The second heat race I started on the pole. At the drop of the green, the 2nd and 3rd place karts got around me. I was able to stick with them though, and got into 2nd with about 3 laps to go. The adjustments we made in between the heats definitely helped. For the feature, we did some more tweaking hoping to better our 6th place starting position. I didn't have an extremely well initial start, but I was able to stay with the pack. Once again, the adjustments we made helped out. About 4 laps into the 15 lap feature, a kart ahead of me had lost his fuel cap. Alcohol was splashing out all over the place and they black flag him. Luckily, a caution came out right after we recieved the black flag, so he was able to work on the kart and just go to the tail. I had a very bad restart, and was forced to catch the lead pack again. With about 4 to go I had caught the next kart, and as I was ready to make the pass, he slowed up dramatically. Luckily, he stayed high and I was able to pass cleanly. I guess he threw a chain or something in the drive-line broke. I didn't have enough laps to catch the next kart, so we came home 7th. The race day was pretty fun though. All the adjustments we made seemed to help the kart a lot, and our times dropped every time out.
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