May 26th, BKC at Barberton


Well, we finally did it, we finally got a good enough day to race, and it was very eventful to say the least. We went down to Barberton for the Buckeye Karting Championship series show on the fast 1/4 mile oval. Saturday, they held an open practice in the morning, so that's when we headed for the track. It was cold, cloudy, and threatening rain, but we did get two sessions in. Sunday turned out much different weahter-wise. It was bright and sunny, which made for a much faster track. We started tuning the kart in our hot laps sessions, and it got better every time on the track. I should tell you now, that the rule on starts for the day was you had to stay in line until you crossed the start/finish line, so no passing until then. For the first heat, we started 6th out of 9 karts. We had a good start and the kart was handling great. By the 2nd lap, I was up to 3rd and closing in on second. Then, as I went through turn 2 on the 3rd lap, I heard a loud bang and went spinning towards the wall. The kart ended up catching on the bumper and doing a tail stand. When it set back down, the last kart was coming through and careened off my nose. My initial thoughts during the accident is that just blew a tire. But after everything stopped, I saw that my right rear tire was laying about half-way down the back-stretch. That's right, all three studs that hold the right rear on had sheared off. So, we got the kart back to pits and got it fixed for the 2nd heat. Luckily, the only thing that was wrong with the kart were the sheared studs. For the 2nd heat, we lined up 4th. Now, here's where the start rule come into play. On the first attempt of the start, the first two kart got together in the first turn with everyone else bottled up behind them, since we couldn't pass. Again, trying to avoid the accident I almost backed it into the wall. So anyway, on the 2nd attempt, the first two karts weren't the fastest on the starts, but the faster karts were behind them. Going into the first turn, I'm getting rammed in the back while I'm trying to stay off the guy in front of me. Well, I pretty much got trapped on the high side then, and by the time things sorted out ended up 5th in the heat. Well with the heats down, it was finally time for features. By virtue of our finishes in the heats we lined up 7th for the feature. We were making adjustments throughout the day, and I knew the kart would be fast. We had a clean start and by the 3rd lap we were in 4th, but I had to run down 2nd and 3rd. It took a couple laps to do so, but we were coming on like gang-busters. I made a move on 3rd place going into the 3rd turn. I don't know if he didn't see me or what, but he started to come down on me. Instead of getting together, I turned it left and hit the brakes which caused me to spin. They ended up DQ'ing that 3rd place kart for spraying fuel, and wanted me to re-start in 3rd. I told them, "No, I spun myself trying to avoid an accident." So, I restarted on the tail of the field. I was a bit more cautious coming back up through the field. It was a great race coming to checkers with 3rd, 4th, and 5th within a kart-and-a-half of each other. We ended up 5th. Our good friend, Seth Schneider won it. So, the week-end was rather eventful. Almost hitting the wall a couple of times, and then going from the back to the front to the back and to the front again made the first week-end hard work. I have to extend loads of thanks to Seth and Stan for tips and assistance for set-up, and also Chuck from Chuck's Custom Kart shop for tire set-up with the new Burris tires.
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