June 30th, WKA Ohio Speedway Pavement Divisional Series at Circleville


We participated in our first ever WKA Ohio Speedway Pavement Divisional Series race at Circleville Raceway Park. Not only was it our first WKA Divisional, but it was also our first time at Circleville. The track is a mostly flat 1/5 mile oval with long straights and pretty sharp turns. I say mostly flat because there is some banking in only the 4th turn. It makes it kinda tricky there because it feels like the track just falls away from you. The track is fast though, with the fastest times averaging about 63mph for a lap. The divisional shows are also run a little different than our local shows. You get 3 rounds of practice, then you qualify, and then you race your 20 lap race. We entered two classes yesterday, the Briggs Medium and the Pro Lite, so I could get more track time. The Pro class is only for money, while the Medium is for WKA Divisional points and what really counts. Our friend Seth entered 4 classes yesterday, and was pretty tired by the end of the day. Anyway, we qualified 8th out of 9 for the Mediums, and 3rd out of 3 in our Pro class. We finished 3rd in our Pro class with Seth winning it. In the Mediums, we finished 7th and Seth finished 5th. There's not much racing action to tell you about because we were a little off all day. Mostly due to using old tires, but also, just getting used to the track. The day went pretty well all around. Nothing broke again, and now we have a starting point for our BKC races at Circleville. Oh, Seth won his other points class race, and finished 3rd in the Pro Heavy race. The next Divisional race will be at Toledo on July 14th. We at least have some experience there and should fair a little better.
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