2003 Race Reports

May 4th, NOBSS #1, Barberton

May 10th, PKA Regular Show, Toledo

May 18th, WKA-OSPDS #1, Barberton

May 25th, Bob Nervo Memorial Race, Barberton

May 31st, NOBSS #2, Toledo

June 8th, WKA-OSPDS #2, Circleville

June 15th, NOBSS #3, Barberton

July 12th, WKA-OSPDS #3, BeaveRun

July 13th, WKA-OSPDS #4, BeaveRun

July 19th, NOBSS #4, Toledo

July 27th, NOBSS #5, Barberton

August 10th, Barberton Regular Show

August 17th, Archbold Grand Prix

August 23rd, PKA Show, Toledo

August 31st, Barberton Memorial Night Show

September 14th, Barberton Regular Show

September 20th, NOBSS #2 Make-up, Toledo

September 21st, NOBSS #6, Toledo

October 18th, Midget Experience, Toledo

December 6th, Troy Woodbury Memorial Classic, Columbus

December 20th, Salute to Bill Williams, Columbus

December 27th, Rumble in Ft Wayne

2003 WKA Ohio Divisional Final Point Standings

2003 NOBSS Final Point Standings

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